The Unique Needs of FinTech Applications

The FinTech space is transforming. This transformation has been simmering for years and is just beginning to catch fire.  FinTech applications, historically deployed on-premise or in private cloud environments, are moving to the public cloud. From our unique vantage point talking to application providers and Financial Institutions (FIs) daily, we find very few (to say it kindly) who are happy... Read More

Healthcare Cloud Migrations: What You are Missing

Millions depend on the accuracy, reliability and security of healthcare technology. As the healthcare industry evolves it has been forced to deal with the demands of new features, growing data sets, and interoperability between organizational boundaries. Many healthcare application providers have turned to the cloud as a silver bullet to many of these challenges. With its promises of automation, scalability... Read More

Cloud Networking is Like a Rock in Your Shoe

Many cloud networking solutions can feel similar to walking with a rock in your shoe. While these two concepts seem far from associated, this metaphor can be understood by everyone from a 5 year old child to anyone who has spent time walking outdoor trails. The analogy rings true because similar to the way a person might continue walking with... Read More