Remotely Manage On-Premises Applications From the Cloud

How SaaS providers are managing edge applications and appliances.

On-Prem environments are messy!

However, they are necessary for many applications that simply cannot run in the cloud.

This means that industries wanting to remotely manage on-premises appliances and applications have been the last to benefit from cloud adoption.

Legacy Connectivity Approaches Fall Short

As the movement to SaaS-based delivery models trickles down into these industries, software vendors seeking to build SaaS solutions are being forced to re-think their architectures and find ways to automate the deployment, management, and maintenance of their on-premises applications.

Initially, the team developing a new SaaS solution may think that tunneling to a firewall or connecting via SSH to a host on-premises will provide the required connectivity needed to manage remote applications.

However, configuration management, troubleshooting across the internet, and handling on-premises network changes mean that bucketing this as a simple connectivity challenge grossly underestimates the complexity of the problems.

The Need for Robust Cloud-to-Edge Infrastructure

Additionally, any custom configured arrangements make multiple assumptions about things like on-premises staffing, security policies, and troubleshooting that are rarely (if ever) as perfect as they need to be and become increasingly problematic as the solution scales.

When on-premises applications rely on cloud services, a legacy approach to connectivity will typically require:

  • A change to customers’ firewall configurations
  • Configuration of host and client devices to stand up the tunnel
  • Handling of overlapping subnets between the two environments
  • Availability of on-site network engineers for deployment and maintenance

In addition to solving the connectivity challenges between multiple environments, on-premises applications may also need to add patching, updating, or API features to fully enable remote services.

The Trustgrid platform has been designed as an alternative to legacy approaches and solves the vast array of the issues encountered by SaaS providers as they attempt to connect, deliver, and scale their cloud to on-premises application architectures.

While solving all the connectivity issues, the platform also provides additional capabilities that allow software providers to simplify their cloud-to-edge infrastructure.  This allows SaaS architects to deliver more robust and efficient solutions than they could by simply addressing the networking components.

Including all these tools into a single platform, SaaS providers have everything they need to build and support architectures between multiple environments.

In this eBook, we unpack the tools and processes that SaaS providers can leverage to build these cloud-to-edge architectures and remotely manage on-premises applications like another cloud service.

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