Enable Cloud Applications to Access, Analyze and Integrate Data from Siloed Sources

Many cloud application providers are required to maintain extensive networking operations to access on-premise data sources. 

While VPN, MPLS or even messaging service solutions had been the only options in solving these hybrid cloud connectivity challenges, application providers often find they become expensive to maintain at scale and don’t address all of the operational challenges around integrating data from 3rd party environments.

Trustgrid’s Data Mesh Platform uniquely addresses each of these complexities by combining software-defined networking, management, and automation tools into a single platform that allows software providers to improve margins and focus on delivering software, not on IT infrastructure.


FinTech Connectivity

Connect fintech applications to core banking data at banks and credit unions

HealthTech Connectivity

Connect healthcare applications to provider’s on-premise environments

Connect Cloud to On-Premise Data

Access remote data as an application needs it

Data Management

Create virtual data warehouses for analytics, ML or master data management

Trustgrid for AWS Transit Gateway

Streamline the deployment and management of AWS-to-On-prem network connections