Connect Cloud Applications to On-Premise Systems and Data

Many SaaS application providers maintain extensive on-premise operations such as application deployments, remote appliances, and connectivity to customer or internal business unit data sources. These hybrid cloud environments are necessary to optimize service delivery and customer experience.

While VPN, MPLS and SD-WAN solutions had become the only options in solving these hybrid cloud connectivity challenges, application providers often find they come with unnecessary features, excessive complexity and require certified engineers for configuration and management.

Trustgrid eliminates the need for all of them through software.

Trustgrid’s software-defined connectivity solutions securely connect cloud applications to remote systems and data, no matter where it resides.

Shorten deployment times, ease the complexity of management and strengthen security with cloud-native connectivity designed for SaaS application providers.

Connect Cloud Applications

Connect Cloud Applications to
On-Premise Systems and Data

Quickly and securely connect cloud applications to any
remote data source

Centralize the Management of Applications in the Cloud

Centralize the Management of
On-Premise Applications and Devices

Simplify the management of architectures the rely on both on-premise and cloud environments.

How Does Trustgrid Work?

Industry Solutions

Connect Core Banking to the Cloud

Connect Core Banking Data to Cloud Applications

Efficiently and securely connect FinTech cloud services to data sources at community banks and credit unions.

AWS Transit Gateway

AWS Transit Gateway

Connect AWS-hosted applications to customer networks

Supplement AWS Transit Gateway with Trustgrid to streamline the deployment and management of cloud-to-site network connections.