Enhance AWS connectivity to on-premise, customer-owned environments

AWS Transit Gateway is a network hub that allows you to interconnect virtual private clouds (VPCs) in AWS to other on-premises and cloud networks through a single Transit VPC.

As the number of workloads running on AWS grows, networks must scale across multiple Amazon VPCs. When connecting AWS applications to systems residing on-premise, each on-premise location typically connects by VPN to each individual Amazon VPC. This becomes increasingly difficult to manage as the number of VPCs scales.

With AWS Transit Gateway, each Amazon VPC or on-premises environment only has to connect to a single, centralized transit VPC per AWS Region. Amazon’s Transit VPC simplifies the management of connected resources by acting as a hub that controls how the traffic is routed among all the connected networks.

Trustgrid software-defined connectivity eliminates the need for cloud-to-site VPN connections and supplements AWS Transit Gateway with additional features, such as NAT. When used together, Trustgrid and AWS Transit Gateway simplify new deployments and streamline the management of secure connections to other network’s data and systems.

With Trustgrid you can

  • Simplify connectivity for AWS-hosted applications connecting to on-premise customer environments
  • Provide secure developer connections to cloud and on-premise resources
  • Enable high bandwidth and high availability cloud to data center connectivity
  • Easily connect AWS VPCs to other cloud instances in Azure, GCP, or Oracle Cloud
  • Trustgrid is certified as AWS Well-Architected and is an Advanced AWS Technology Partner