Build Cloud to Edge Architectures with Docker Containers

Application developers are building more cloud to edge architectures than ever…. and they are doing it through the use of Docker containers and edge networking platforms.

It seems like everything is moving to SaaS. SaaS banking software, SaaS cyber security software, and I recently stumbled on a SaaS application that allows me to control the feeding of my dog when I’m not at home. We are living in the future.

Prior to the era of “everything as a service” these applications (with the exception of the dog bowl innovation) would run in server closets or data centers and require dedicated hardware appliances managed by on-premise IT professionals. After serving their purpose for decades, these deployments have become antiquated and threatened to erode the market position of many companies who were slow to adopt newer, more flexible architectures.

As applications transitioned to being provided as a service, the public cloud became the environment of choice for software architects seeking max efficiency and scalability.

While many applications are perfectly capable of moving to the cloud due to their control over the location of application data and workloads, there are still plenty of legacy applications that want the advantages of the cloud, but require some components of the application to continue to reside on-prem.

While competitors without the burden of supporting legacy customers and environments have created new offerings solely based in the cloud, market leaders have been left to solve the technical challenges of merging their cloud ambitions with their on-prem realities.

In these scenarios, product leaders are forced to get creative. They want to modernize using microservices, APIs, and cloud infrastructure, but getting all of those to play with the parts of the application that need to run in legacy environments slams a big stop sign halfway through their roadmap.

This is largely the reason why some industries have taken their time in providing SaaS-like delivery of their application – despite competitive headwinds and the promises of recurring revenue and lower overhead.

For SaaS applications requiring on-prem components, innovation is finally possible.

In this eBook, we discuss the way that SaaS providers can build cloud to edge architectures by leveraging environment-agnostic networking and edge computing platforms.

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