Build and deploy distributed applications

EdgeCompute builds on the connectivity of Trustgrid’s Zero Trust Network and Software-Defined Perimeter to provide a serverless computing platform for deploying and supporting applications at the edge.

EdgeCompute overcomes the challenges of integrating cloud applications with legacy on-premise systems and incorporates centralized device and application lifecycle management.

When used in secure access service edge (SASE) architectures, EdgeCompute eliminates the need to funnel all network traffic to centralized inspection points by moving security and policy intelligence to the edge.

With EdgeCompute You Can

  • Run and update containerized applications at the edge
  • Centralize policy management, but implement at the edge
  • Perform inspection and other security functions at the edge
  • Quickly build and manage distributed points of presence in data centers
  • Solve service chaining issues by running services at optimal locations
  • Connect the resources needed to move to microservices architectures


On-Premise Application Deployment

Deploy remote applications with cloud-like tools

  • Push centrally managed policies and intelligence to the edge
  • Leverage network hardware to run security application components
  • Deploy and maintain 1000s of remote software installs from a single pane of glass
Simplify Management and Support

Advanced monitoring, visualization and troubleshooting of connectivity

  • Centrally manage code, dependency and configuration updates
  • Remotely monitor and support on-premise software deployments
  • Securely enable microservices executing at remote edge locations
Modernize to CloudOps

Evolve legacy IT operations

  • Manage on-premise applications and security services with DevOps-like capabilities
  • Employ extensible and automated management tool set
  • Build and update remote application components as if they are local

Move Security Intelligence and Policy Enforcement to the Edge

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