Build and deploy distributed applications

EdgeCompute builds on the connectivity of EdgeNetwork to provide a foundational platform for deploying and supporting applications at the edge.

EdgeCompute overcomes the challenges of integrating cloud applications with legacy on-premise systems and incorporates centralized device and application lifecycle management.

With EdgeCompute You Can

  • Configure cloud to on-premise connections without onsite specialists
  • Minimize the impact of latency and packet loss common on WAN connections
  • Normalize remote data before a centralized application accesses it
  • Gain alerting and visibility into remote application execution
  • Connect the resources needed to move to microservices architectures


On-Premise Application Deployment

Deploy remote applications with cloud-like tools

  • Lower cloud expenses by moving ETL to the edge
  • Leverage network hardware to run application components
  • Deploy and maintain 1000s of software installs from a single pane of glass
Simplify Management and Support

Advanced monitoring, visualization and troubleshooting of connectivity

  • Centrally manage code, dependency and configuration updates
  • Remotely monitor and support on-premise software deployments
  • Securely enable microservices executing at remote edge locations
Modernize to CloudOps

Evolve legacy IT operations

  • Manage on-premise applications with DevOps-like capabilities
  • Employ extensible and automated management tool set
  • Build and update remote application components as if they are local

The Platform for Edge Computing Applications

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