Apply enterprise-wide access controls to WireGuard-enabled devices

WireGuard® is a highly performant, open-source VPN designed to run on most popular operating systems. Designed as a more secure and simple connectivity alternative, it lacks some of the centralized management and governance features needed for the enterprise.

Through Trustgrid’s native support of WireGuard, organizations can enable it to function as an enterprise-wide replacement to IPSec VPN connections, roaming end points and even act as secure connectivity for containerized applications.

*“WireGuard” is a registered trademark of Jason A. Donenfeld

With Trustgrid and WireGuard you can

  • Turn any Wireguard enabled VM or container into a VPN endpoint
  • Establish SOC 2 Type II compliant hybrid cloud network
  • Employ software-defined perimeter access controls to applications
  • Easily apply network address translation between any connected device
  • Gain single pane of glass visibility over WireGuard enabled connections
  • Create a Zero Trust network environment leveraging Okta or Azure AD