Connect Cloud Applications to
Core Banking Data

Simplify the deployment and management of FinTech customer data connections.

Trustgrid enables digital banking providers to migrate applications to the cloud and connect to their customer’s on-premise environments when VPNs and MPLS prove a poor fit.

Trustgrid gives FinTech application providers the ability to:

  • Ensure high reliability and availability¬†
  • Automate compliance with FFIEC
  • Employ remote monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Streamline new customer deployments without onsite technical staff
  • Eliminate the burdens of VPN and MPLS solutions

Accelerate deployments to a customer's core banking data.

Accelerate Deployments

Whether migrating away from legacy WAN solutions in bulk or onboarding a new FI, Trustgrid dramatically reduces the hassle and cost of new deployments.

  • Smart configurations enable new deployments without network engineers onsite
  • Eliminate the need for expensive and time consuming VPN and MPLS requirements by leveraging a customer’s standard broadband connection
  • White label Trustgrid software and provide your customers secure, application native connectivity without complex hardware requirements
SImplify the management of connections to a customer's core banking data.

Simplify Management

Managing existing WAN solutions requires advanced network engineering skill sets and third party tools. Trustgrid provides cloud management tools to automate the burdens of managing WAN connections.

  • Centralize network visibility, management and support functions
  • Automate patching and updates to all connections
  • Remotely terminal into any network connection
  • Automated failover and disaster recovery
  • Dynamic routing between cloud and on-premise systems
Enable co-management of hybrid cloud environments with 3rd party networks.


Digital banking providers share responsibility for security and compliance with their FI customers. Unlike branch office WAN connections, these connections span distinct organizations with individual management needs.

  • Simplify the management of heterogeneous environments by easily untangling overlapping subnets (RFC 1918)
  • Allow customers to have visibility into the connection between their data and your application
  • Real-time alerts to performance and availability challenges
Compliance and security are the top concerns when connection to core banking data.

Enhance Compliance
and Security

Compliance with FFIEC, PCI, and other standards is essential in the digital banking space. Trustgrid provides automated tools to reduce the burden of compliance and achieve tight security on vendor to customer connections.

  • Simplified updating and patching of all connections
  • Centralized logging of all access and change events
  • Mutually authenticated TLS encryption
  • SOC 2 Type 2 compliant
  • Enable advanced security approaches such certificate based authentication, hardware root of trust and Zero Trust

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