Connect FinTech Applications to Core Banking Data

Trustgrid’s software-defined networking enables digital banking providers to migrate applications to the cloud and securely connect to their customer’s on-premise environments when VPNs and MPLS prove a poor fit.

Unlike branch-to-branch networks, connecting cloud-hosted banking applications to a financial institution’s core banking data presents challenges that are unique to the industry. Trustgrid’s application-centric connectivity provides the deployment, maintenance and support features needed by today’s fintech applications.

In fact, Trustgrid is currently the networking solution used to connect 20% of U.S. banks and credit unions to their fintech application providers.

With Trustgrid You Can

  • Lower total cost of connectivity up to 50%
  • Ensure high reliability and availability
  • Deploy to new environments in days instead of weeks
  • Automate compliance with FFIEC and other regulations
  • Employ certificate-based authentication and Zero Trust security