Secure Access for Banking Employees

As banks and credit unions have been forced to maintain productivity and ensure business continuity while working from home, the security of data is paramount.

VPN technology has not kept up with the shift to the cloud and can produce compliance gaps. Complex configuration, proprietary hardware, and the well known difficulties of implementing network-level security have all contributed to the need for a superior alternative.

While the data center is often still used, it is no longer the centralized hub it was historically. Yet many banking organizations still have all local and remote traffic tunneled through the data center for the sake of security. This network-centric approach creates security risks, management complexities and degrades the end user’s experience.

Trustgrid Remote Access provides identity-based remote access to cloud and data center based applications and other IT infrastructure. Designed to provide Zero Trust network access at scale, the platform secures infrastructure with least privileged access to all IT resources, regardless of where a user is located.

All of this results in seamless and easily scalable user access with a reduced attack surface, while increasing IT’s visibility into potential threats.

With Trustgrid You Can

  • Provision remote access to any number of employees
  • Centralize the management and support of end user connectivity

  • Monitor and control user access to sensitive applications and data

  • Apply identity-centric application security with IdP / IAM integration

  • Use a single platform to connect data centers, cloud applications and remote users
  • Establish a single source of truth for access related compliance reporting