SaaS to Customer Connectivity

While the public cloud seems to be running every application and database, some SaaS applications will always rely on data that resides outside of the cloud – sitting in a customer’s private cloud or data center environment. This situation often arises from challenges around migrating sensitive data to the cloud, addressing customer security concerns, or complying with regulatory-driven data residency requirements. 

For SaaS applications requiring real-time, bi-directional access to data behind firewalls they do not control, the Trustgrid platform offers a modern approach to establishing secure network connections between a multi-tenant cloud application and multiple customer data sources.

Overcoming SaaS Integration Challenges

SaaS applications that integrate with on-premise systems, particularly in sectors that maintain on-premise infrastructure such as banking, healthcare, and retail, must contend with several challenges. These systems need to maintain high standards of remote survivability, low latency, privacy, and compliance but also need to connect to the SaaS application’s cloud environment. The tools traditionally used for such integrations—IPSec VPNs with on-premise hardware appliances—require constant monitoring, patching, remote access/troubleshooting, and asset management.

As SaaS solutions scale and deployments become more complex, the initial networking challenges evolve into more significant issues, often impacting new customer deployments. The typical networking solution may require changes to a customer’s firewall configuration, struggle with overlapping subnets, and suffer from the availability (or lack thereof) of onsite network expertise.

A Network Designed for SaaS Providers

Trustgrid solves this problem in a new way. Instead of requiring expensive hardware devices, network engineers, and local IT teams to support, Trustgrid addresses these challenges by providing a platform that combines software-defined networking (SDN), edge computing, and remote access/Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to deploy and operate the entire SaaS network as one secure and integrated entity. This integration between cloud and on-prem environments creates a scalable network that automates management of hundreds or thousands of connections without the cumbersome overhead associated with traditional VPNs.

Platform Features:

  • Software-Defined Networking – ensures secure data flow between cloud and on-premise environments, leveraging advanced networking features, easy deployment, and zero-trust security. Users have the flexibility to choose between an appliance-based or agent-based approach, each designed to meet the specific needs of different network configurations.
  • Edge Computing – Trustgrid’s platform simplifies on-premise application management by enabling the deployment of Docker containers or VMs on on-premise appliances, offering a cloud-like experience at the edge. This functionality ensures seamless software updates across all connected environments, streamlines remote system management, and cuts down on support overhead.
  • Remote Access/ZTNA – The dependency on customer IT teams for support can be cumbersome. Trustgrid’s remote access solution provides a secure, compliant, and audited toolset that enables remote management of software and connections efficiently.

Building Cloud-to-Customer Networks

Delivering SaaS applications requires not just handling the immediate connectivity challenges but also ensuring long-term scalability and security. Trustgrid Connect, the software-defined networking element of the Trustgrid platform, offers next-gen SD-WAN capabilities designed to meet the needs of SaaS providers requiring connectivity to customer clouds or data centers at scale. It supports both mesh and hub-and-spoke network architectures and is equipped with advanced features such as IP SLA (selects the best path for traffic) and QoS at the endpoints (prioritizes latency-sensitive data) to ensure that the cloud application is delivering a seamless experience to the end user.

Trustgrid is Designed for SaaS Providers

The integration of advanced networking, security, and edge computing capabilities makes Trustgrid the only networking solution designed for the needs of SaaS providers. 

Trustgrid allows for the development of distributed applications and infrastructure that cater to modern SaaS customer demands without sacrificing performance or security. By rethinking how networks and applications interact, Trustgrid helps SaaS companies not just solve current networking challenges but also scale for future needs.

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