Webinar: Next Generation Networking for Banks and Credit Unions

Next Generation Networking Solutions as a Solution

As security threats increase and regulations continue to change, IT departments of banks and credit unions are facing the challenge of keeping up with the rapidly evolving landscape of technology. In order to address these challenges and stay ahead of the curve, many financial institutions are turning to Next Generation Networking solutions. These advanced networking technologies provide enhanced security features, faster data transfer speeds, and greater reliability, helping banks and credit unions to better protect their systems and serve their customers more efficiently.

Updating Your WAN: The Key to Fixing Infrastructure Challenges

IT professionals in typical banks or credit unions report that budgets do not increase year over year, despite the very real security threats and changing regulations. Financial institutions constantly reprioritize and reschedule tech updates as a result.

While many financial institutions do not initially consider it, updating an existing WAN can often solve multiple infrastructure challenges without incurring additional expenses.

VPN and MPLS connections have been the standard at most financial institutions for years, with many customers stating that “this is just how we have always done it.” However, customers are often surprised to learn that the solution to their problems is far simpler than they had anticipated.

The Benefits of Moving to Software-Defined WAN Connectivity

To help educate banks and credit unions on the benefits of moving to software-defined WAN connectivity we are hosting a webinar alongside our partner, Ongoing Operations.

In this webinar, “Next Generation Networking: Replacing VPN and MPLS in Banks and Credit Unions”, will discuss the way that updates to WAN connectivity can increase security, improve compliance and even lower the total cost of ownership for many financial institutions.

Join us March 4th at 11:30a to learn how the answer to greater security and compliance could be a lot closer than you think.

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