How much Edge do you want?

Edge is about reducing latency between users or data and applications. In the cloud that might mean replicating to another availability zone. Globally there are dozens of locations that can get you lower latency.

Local Data, Centralized Application.

Trustgrid enables cloud applications to integrate to localized data with low latency and high availability. SaaS providers connect to remote data sets over the Trustgrid network and can route data directly to local users without that data leaving the country.

SD-WAN vs Trustgrid- Part 1

The team at Trustgrid often laments the lack of innovation in WAN technologies. Many are quick to point to SD-WAN as an example of innovation, and they’re right. SD-WAN is pretty cool but it’s target market is very limited.

Prevent Breaches with Micro Segmentation

VMware’s NSX is a datacenter SDN product that is spear heading the “micro segmentation” architecture. Segmenting the networks by application or service reduces the attack surface to the individual application or service exposed. It implicitly denies all other traffic in that segment.

The End of Network Access Control (NAC)

The rise of cloud and the growing “zero trust”  movement have left NACs out in the cold. Today’s Network Access Control were built for authentication and authorization in a trusted, local network or over a centralized WAN- concepts that have proven cumbersome, prone to breach, and expensive.