What deploying to 20% of banks and credit unions means to us

The Importance of Security and Cost-Effectiveness in Banking IT

Anyone who has worked in banks and credit unions IT departments, knows a couple of truths are threaded through every technology adoption decision.

  1. Any new solution should be more secure than the last.
  2. Every solution needs to do more with less $ (or at least the same).

As an industry, financial services organizations are generally more risk-averse than most. And rightfully so – the data they are handling is arguably the most sensitive data that businesses and individuals own. The trust that banks and credit unions maintain with their customers is existential to the business and if broken, can have disastrous consequences to all stakeholders.

Banking technology decisions undergo thorough research, vetting, and debate before implementation. The technology can remain in place for a decade or longer once approved. This guarantees the security of everything from the branch teller’s terminal to the fintech facilitating mobile bill payments, with rigorous maintenance of this security.

Trustgrid’s Deployment to Banks and Credit Unions

With these facts as the backdrop, our recent announcement of having deployed the Trustgrid platform to 20% of U.S. community banks and credit unions was particularly special to us.

We know that our engineers have meticulously poured over every use case and corner case to ensure that our product meets or exceeds network security compliance standards. But that internal understanding is not the same as passing the sniff test of one of the most security aware industries in the world. 

While security is also important to our customers in healthcare, telecom, technology and others, the adoption by banks or credit unions is particularly special and showcases the importance of Zero Trust networking, validates our software-defined approach, and highlights all of our team’s hard work.

Thank you to our banking customers for the trust you have placed in us connecting your most important applications, data, and devices.

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