Bringing Edge Data To SaaS

The cloud has reshaped the way that data and applications interact. No longer is an application sitting next to the data it consumes. Because many modern applications are now provided as a service, and don’t reside in a customer’s data center, it has become increasingly difficult for SaaS providers to connect to the data they need. In these edge data... Read More

How much Edge do you want?

Dan Carlin, of Hardcore History fame, repeats a difficult to attribute quote that “Quantity has a quality all of its own.” When talking about the Edge, quantity’s qualitative aspect is impossible to ignore. Edge is about reducing latency between users or data and applications. In the cloud that might mean replicating to another availability zone. Globally there are dozens of... Read More

Some limits of public cloud

A recent SDxCentral article  highlights one of the challenges large public cloud deployments face – cost. The article highlights one extreme example: “For example Snap, the parent company of the social media app Snapchat, recently issued a Form S-1 that disclosed the company paid almost as much to Google for public cloud services in a year as it generated in... Read More