Increasing the Velocity of FinTech Adoption

FinTech has exploded over the last decade. The community banking and credit union industries are craving additional features, customer experiences and way to differentiate themselves, and innovation in FinTech is allowing them to do it. But for many bankers, the system integration and need to maintain control of their core banking data presents a hurdle. While core banking providers have... Read More

The Unique Needs of FinTech Applications

The FinTech space is transforming. This transformation has been simmering for years and is just beginning to catch fire.  FinTech applications, historically deployed on-premise or in private cloud environments, are moving to the public cloud. From our unique vantage point talking to application providers and Financial Institutions (FIs) daily, we find very few (to say it kindly) who are happy... Read More

‘Banks Being Terrorized’

In the year that saw social media engineering, massive data breaches, and a run-away ransomware problem, it’s no surprise to learn that American banks did not fare well either. “Bank-specific attacks surged: Attacks in which phony mobile accounts were created rose 45% from the third quarter of 2016, and have grown 240% from 2015.” – from this article A growing... Read More

Potential liability when accessing customer data

“We believe anyone handling the customers’ data should share the risk of losses resulting from their actions” – said Becky Heironimus, vice president of enterprise digital products and data connections at Capital One in the recent American Banker article here. Connectivity solutions will be increasingly challenged to implement the most advanced security.  Enterprise scale banks can produce enterprise scale APIs but... Read More