Cloud Fintech Needs a Better Network

After years of taking a ‘wait and see’ approach, fintech applications are moving to the public cloud. As a vendor with the privilege of talking to both application providers and financial institutions (FIs) daily, we find very few who are happy with the WAN solutions available to them as they move to the cloud. Initially,

The Next Generation of Community Banking Connections

Banking software providers have delivered some of the most solid and secure WAN connectivity for decades. From the early days of dedicated T1 circuits, to MPLS, VPN and now SD-WAN, the connections between software providers and banks, including Community Banking Connections, have been at the forefront of WAN technology. They didn’t really have a choice.

Unpatched VPNs Present Existential Risk

Recently, Finastra was hit with ransomware attacks and was forced to shut down a number of its products and services over the weekend. According to initial reports, the attacks may have been facilitated by the use of unpatched VPNs with known vulnerability issues. While Finastra has not released the full details and scope of the breach,