The Future of On-premise Application Management with Trustgrid

While the public cloud has been flying high as the beacon of efficiency and scalability, it hasn’t quite landed smoothly in on-premises environments. Here, the varying standards for infrastructure, security, and networking often complicate the centralized deployment and management of applications.

For on-premises software providers looking to centralize their applications, Trustgrid offers a solution that extends cloud-like controls to on-premises systems. This allows on-premises applications to be operated like cloud applications—one version that is easy to manage remotely. Ensuring reliable connectivity is the key to achieving cloud-like experiences for on-premises applications.

Adapting On-Prem Environments for SaaS Delivery

On-premises environments present unique complexities. To adapt these environments into modern computing ecosystems, innovative approaches are required. SaaS vendors often face the challenge of delivering software on-premises while maintaining it from the cloud. This requires persistent connectivity for on-premises applications to cloud services, allowing control over on-prem components like APIs, ETL functions, and other services.

Traditional methods like VPNs and direct SSH connections often fail to adequately meet these needs. These approaches can require extensive changes to customer firewall configurations, struggle with subnet overlaps, and depend heavily on the availability of on-site network engineers. They also present substantial security risks.

From the Cloud to the Edge

Trustgrid addresses these issues by providing scalable connectivity that turns traditional on-premises deployment on its head. It offers the same levels of control and automation experienced in the cloud, extended to on-premises environments. This is particularly effective in deploying data connectors that operate on-premises as seamlessly as they do in the cloud, allowing for real-time data synchronization and management across environments.

The Trustgrid Management Portal

At the heart of the Trustgrid platform is the Cloud Management Portal, which serves as the command center for the Trustgrid suite (Connect, EdgeCompute, and Remote Access). It allows DevOps and application support teams to easily configure cloud-to-edge networks, monitor health, and manage on-premises applications remotely, streamlining operations and reducing the need for on-site assistance from IT

Modernizing On-Premises Applications

Incorporating Trustgrid’s software-defined networking and edge computing capabilities, SaaS providers can deploy Docker containers or VMs on Trustgrid appliances, facilitating a cloud-like experience for on-premises applications. This enables applications to be updated as easily as cloud services, supporting only the necessary versions and reducing complexity.

Connecting to Remote Applications

Trustgrid Connect delivers next-gen SD-WAN capabilities designed for SaaS providers needing robust connectivity to customer clouds or data centers. As the tool for building secure tunnels over public internet connections, it simplifies the creation of both mesh and hub-and-spoke network architectures, ensuring seamless integration between cloud and on-premises environments. By using Trustgrid, DevOps teams gain global visibility and control over remotely deployed applications, enhancing support and management capabilities.

Secure Remote Support for On-Premises Applications

Trustgrid Remote Access provides zero trust network access (ZTNA) to ensure secure and granular access to on-premises applications for maintenance tasks such as patching and troubleshooting. This system supports applications in any cloud and on-premises environment and integrates with existing identity providers, offering a secure method to manage application access without the vulnerabilities associated with traditional VPNs or remote desktop tools. DevOps and support teams can use Trustgrid Remote Access to monitor, troubleshoot, and update edge applications while ensuring that access is recorded and limited strictly to authorized personnel, enhancing security and compliance.


Trustgrid revolutionizes the management of on-premises applications by blending advanced networking, edge computing features, and turnkey managed services. This comprehensive approach allows application providers to focus on what they do best—delivering superior software solutions—while maintaining robust, scalable, and secure infrastructures from the cloud to the edge.

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