Latest Release Notes – Triage and Automated Support Improvements

Cloud applications that depend on edge data suffer when an outage or slow down occurs on the network. Our latest release emphasizes fast and accurate triage by visualizing important data such as hardware resource consumption, network performance, and events. At a Glance The Trustgrid Portal Dashboard shows real time usage in both volume and sessions, broken down by domain. A... Read More

How much Edge do you want?

Dan Carlin, of Hardcore History fame, repeats a difficult to attribute quote that “Quantity has a quality all of its own.” When talking about the Edge, quantity’s qualitative aspect is impossible to ignore. Edge is about reducing latency between users or data and applications. In the cloud that might mean replicating to another availability zone. Globally there are dozens of... Read More

Local Data, Centralized Application.

The evolving regulatory requirements for Personally Identifiable Information (PII), especially GDPR in the EU, are challenging modern cloud architectures. In fact Skyhigh Networks claim that 74% of SaaS providers are unable to accommodate those requirements. Trustgrid enables cloud applications to integrate to localized data with low latency and high availability. SaaS providers connect to remote data sets over the Trustgrid... Read More

SD-WAN vs Trustgrid- Part 1

The team at Trustgrid often laments the lack of innovation in WAN technologies. Many are quick to point to SD-WAN as an example of innovation, and they’re right. SD-WAN is pretty cool but it’s target market is very limited. SD-WAN is designed and priced to displace MPLS. And why shouldn’t it? MPLS is famously expensive and requires intense engagement with some of... Read More

SDN’s role in automating compliance requirements

As Michael Vizard notes here, virtualization of network features helps automate the onerous and often changing tasks of compliance. Legacy systems demand massive amounts of labor or expensive toolsets (or both) to achieve even baseline compliance. Today’s more modern options integrate compliance features and deliver strong ROIs by leveraging open-source technologies and cloud platforms. Read More

‘Banks Being Terrorized’

In the year that saw social media engineering, massive data breaches, and a run-away ransomware problem, it’s no surprise to learn that American banks did not fare well either. “Bank-specific attacks surged: Attacks in which phony mobile accounts were created rose 45% from the third quarter of 2016, and have grown 240% from 2015.” – from this article A growing... Read More

Potential liability when accessing customer data

“We believe anyone handling the customers’ data should share the risk of losses resulting from their actions” – said Becky Heironimus, vice president of enterprise digital products and data connections at Capital One in the recent American Banker article here. Connectivity solutions will be increasingly challenged to implement the most advanced security.  Enterprise scale banks can produce enterprise scale APIs but... Read More

The Intersection of Safety and Security

Fascinating new article from Cambridge about the intersection of safety and security as Things meet the Internet. Previously air-gapped devices that control systems responsible for life and death are no longer immune from the attacks which have plagued their less important cousins. The lifespan of Things is much longer than devices and requires a plan for updates and support measured... Read More

Trustgrid Announces Partnership with GCS Technologies

Trustgrid  is proud to announce its new partnership program and first partner, GCS Technologies in Austin, TX. “GCS brings 17 years of IT services expertise that is a perfect compliment to Trustgrid’s OpenEdge product suite,” says Mark Stavrou, CEO of Trustgrid. OpenEdge is designed to overcome the problems of connecting to, and acquiring data from, databases, devices, and systems in the network... Read More