Reality Check…Not Everything is Moving to the Cloud

According to the Cisco Global Cloud Index, 94 percent of all workloads will run in some form of cloud environment by 2021. Moving processing workloads into the cloud has helped companies lower their operating costs and build modern IT environments with high availability and elasticity. But for companies with complex IT architectures, moving applications to cloud platforms involves overcoming the... Read More

Connectivity and the SaaS Data Problem

The IT industry has been migrating from on-prem hardware and applications toward SaaS delivery for many years. This trend has accelerated as SaaS applications has become more feature rich, widely available, and generally accepted as cost advantageous. Just like their on-prem application counterparts, these SaaS applications are data dependent. However, unlike legacy applications, the data that is consumed and produced... Read More

Solving the Challenges of Cloud Migration

Many of us can list a handful of examples where companies had high levels of market penetration, profitability, and a competitive moat that seemed impenetrable…only to end up failing due to lack of innovation. Kodak, Blockbuster, Blackberry are all examples of organizations that failed to follow modern technology and remain relevant. On the other side of the coin are companies... Read More

Latest Release Notes – Enhanced Alerting

With our latest release of the Trustgrid Portal, we’ve added enhanced alerting and monitoring capabilities to nodes. Trustgrid’s existing alerting features enabled our customers to monitor node life cycle information including – connections (up/down), profile updates (config changes), and health checks (health of remote hosts). You can now monitor disk, CPU, and memory utilization and latency between nodes. You’ll find this... Read More

Latest Release Notes – Triage and Automated Support Improvements

Cloud applications that depend on edge data suffer when an outage or slow down occurs on the network. Our latest release emphasizes fast and accurate triage by visualizing important data such as hardware resource consumption, network performance, and events. At a Glance The Trustgrid Portal Dashboard shows real time usage in both volume and sessions, broken down by domain. A... Read More

How much Edge do you want?

Dan Carlin, of Hardcore History fame, repeats a difficult to attribute quote that “Quantity has a quality all of its own.” When talking about the Edge, quantity’s qualitative aspect is impossible to ignore. Edge is about reducing latency between users or data and applications. In the cloud that might mean replicating to another availability zone. Globally there are dozens of... Read More

Local Data, Centralized Application.

The evolving regulatory requirements for Personally Identifiable Information (PII), especially GDPR in the EU, are challenging modern cloud architectures. In fact Skyhigh Networks claim that 74% of SaaS providers are unable to accommodate those requirements. Trustgrid enables cloud applications to integrate to localized data with low latency and high availability. SaaS providers connect to remote data sets over the Trustgrid... Read More

SD-WAN vs Trustgrid- Part 1

The team at Trustgrid often laments the lack of innovation in WAN technologies. Many are quick to point to SD-WAN as an example of innovation, and they’re right. SD-WAN is pretty cool but it’s target market is very limited. SD-WAN is designed and priced to displace MPLS. And why shouldn’t it? MPLS is famously expensive and requires intense engagement with some of... Read More

SDN’s role in automating compliance requirements

As Michael Vizard notes here, virtualization of network features helps automate the onerous and often changing tasks of compliance. Legacy systems demand massive amounts of labor or expensive toolsets (or both) to achieve even baseline compliance. Today’s more modern options integrate compliance features and deliver strong ROIs by leveraging open-source technologies and cloud platforms. Read More