Connect Applications to On-Premise and Multi-Cloud Data Sources

Trustgrid’s Data Mesh Platform combines software-defined networking, management and automation tools to allow application providers to focus on software, not IT infrastructure.

Simplify Connectivity

Connect applications to siloed, on-premise data as if it were a cloud or local service

Accelerate Deployments

One-touch deployment of new data connections without the need for onsite network expertise

Guarantee Availability

Maintain highly available, real-time connectivity to distributed data sources

Enhance Security

Meet the security and compliance needs of data that must remain on-premise but accessed by remote applications

Trustgrid network architecture graphic

The Data Mesh Platform Includes

  • Software-defined networking to connect multiple on-premise and cloud environments
  • Deployment and management tools for distributing devices, applications and APIs
  • Automated management and support tooling
Trustgrid was the only solution that made us ‘cloud-ready’”
– Lou Senko, CIO/SVP Q2eBanking

We needed a better way to connect our applications to customer data that would support our efforts to improve availability and security while enabling cloud migration in the future”
– Lou Senko
Trustgrid was able to enhance the security around our customer’s data while removing the complexity of connecting to these critical resources.”
– Bryon Jacob
Working with the Trustgrid team has made a difficult job much easier. From planning through implementation, they were an excellent partner.”
– Jennifer White
Director Customer Success
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Learn how software providers challenged with accessing sensitive on-premise data have used Trustgrid’s Data Mesh Platform to connect to over 2000 data sources.


Real-time connectivity between cloud and on-premise environments with enterprise SLAs

Reduce deployment times to days instead of months

Deployed by more than 500 organizations (and counting)

Yes, we do all of this:

  • Zero Trust Security
  • Simplified Network Address Translation
  • SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant Connectivity
  • Automated Failover and Disaster Recovery
  • AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle Cloud Support
  • Separate Data and Control Plane
  • Easy Deployment Next to, or Behind, Firewall
  • Security and Compliance Task Automation

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