What is WAN Edge Infrastructure?

As Gartner defines it, WAN Edge Infrastructure is a class of networking technology that provides connectivity to distributed IT resources. Whether those resources are in data centers, public clouds or delivered as SaaS applications, connectivity is delivered through a combination of hardware and software that works to provide reliability and security to the network. What

What deploying to 20% of banks and credit unions means to us

Anyone who has worked in a bank or credit union IT department knows a couple of truths are threaded through every technology adoption decision. Any new solution should be more secure than the last. Every solution needs to do more with less $ (or at least the same). As an industry, financial services organizations are

Webinar: Next Generation Networking for Banks and Credit Unions

As security threats increase and regulations continue to change, the IT departments of banks and credit unions find themselves constantly playing catch up. And while these are very real threats to the business, IT professionals in a typical bank or CU will tell you that budgets aren’t exactly increasing year to year. Tech updates are

Webinar: Securing a Remote Workforce

For financial institutions, the shift to remote work has put strain on both staff and technology. Historically, offices have been the only place where banking was done. It was the place where the vault was located, where customers came to sign documents and where their work applications resided. Now, tools like Slack, Zoom and even

Building Points of Presence for SASE

The IT landscape has changed. Networks centralized around a data center no longer make sense when applications are served from the cloud and users are working from remote locations. The internet has become a staple of enterprise networks but brings along security concerns that can no longer be solved with on-premise security appliances. SASE architectures

Connectivity and the SaaS Data Problem

The IT industry has been migrating from on-prem hardware and applications toward SaaS delivery for many years. This trend has accelerated as SaaS applications has become more feature rich, widely available, and generally accepted as cost advantageous.

Solving the Challenges of Cloud Migration

Many of us can list a handful of examples where companies had high levels of market penetration, profitability, and a competitive moat that seemed impenetrable…only to end up failing due to lack of innovation. Kodak, Blockbuster, Blackberry are all examples of organizations that failed to follow modern technology and remain relevant.

Latest Release Notes – Enhanced Alerting

With our latest release of the Trustgrid Portal, we’ve added enhanced alerting and monitoring capabilities to nodes. Trustgrid’s existing alerting features enabled our customers to monitor node life cycle information including – connections (up/down), profile updates (config changes), and health checks (health of remote hosts).

Local Data, Centralized Application.

Trustgrid enables cloud applications to integrate to localized data with low latency and high availability. SaaS providers connect to remote data sets over the Trustgrid network and can route data directly to local users without that data leaving the country.

SD-WAN vs Trustgrid- Part 1

The team at Trustgrid often laments the lack of innovation in WAN technologies. Many are quick to point to SD-WAN as an example of innovation, and they’re right. SD-WAN is pretty cool but it’s target market is very limited.