Prevent Breaches with Micro Segmentation

VMware’s NSX is a datacenter SDN product that is spear heading the “micro segmentation” architecture. Segmenting the networks by application or service reduces the attack surface to the individual application or service exposed. It implicitly denies all other traffic in that segment.

The End of Network Access Control (NAC)

The rise of cloud and the growing “zero trust”  movement have left NACs out in the cold. Today’s Network Access Control were built for authentication and authorization in a trusted, local network or over a centralized WAN- concepts that have proven cumbersome, prone to breach, and expensive.

Empty Promises of Nearly Unlimited Bandwidth

The promises of nearly free and unlimited bandwidth have helped the cloud originate most technology innovation over the last several years. Whether Google Fiber, 4G (now 5G), or the inevitable trend of more-for-less in technology, there was good reason to think that bandwidth and latency would not limit future success.

Fog Computing – The Cloud Comes Down to Earth

Trustgrid is an early pioneer in fog computing- a new concept bringing the benefits of cloud flexibility, scalability, and automation to a location near you! The Trustgrid platform enables a high security network that blurs the lines between public and private clouds and on-premise and datacenter. Workloads execute where resources are ideal (disk, CPU, cost, bandwidth, latency, etc) without discrimination based on connectivity to devices, data, or users.

What is micro-segmentation?

Micro-segmentation, also known as Zero Trust (Forrester), BeyondCorp at Google rejects the traditional perimeter security model in place of a new, trust-less architecture. Any pretense that the perimeter was actually secure has long since been disproved. This eliminates the concepts of “trusted” and “untrusted” networks. Everything is untrusted.