Healthcare Cloud Migrations: What You are Missing

In the rapidly evolving healthcare industry, millions depend on the accuracy, reliability, and security of healthcare technology. The demand for new features, growing data sets, and seamless interoperability between organizational boundaries increase. And healthcare application providers are turning to the cloud as a silver bullet solution. Healthcare cloud migrations offer promises of automation, scalability, and cost savings that are too enticing to ignore.

Challenges of Healthcare Cloud Migrations

One of the most prevalent challenges in healthcare cloud migrations stems from the need to connect cloud-based applications with existing on-premise systems in healthcare providers’ datacenters. Despite the migration to the cloud, these systems continue to play a vital role, and networking issues can undermine the value proposition of cloud adoption.

Overcoming Networking Challenges

Rather than resorting to outdated approaches, such as deploying costly and complex VPN or MPLS solutions, it’s essential to embrace software-defined connectivity. This modern networking solution treats the network as a service. It also simplifies connectivity and automation in ways that legacy VPN and MPLS solutions cannot match.

Ensuring Healthcare Cloud Migrations Success

By prioritizing a software-defined network early in the cloud migration strategy, organizations can transform it from a challenge into an asset for their cloud-delivered applications. This approach accelerates deployment, streamlines management, and reduces costs. It benefits not only the implementation team but also the maintenance staff and, most importantly, the customers.


Healthcare cloud migrations present numerous challenges, particularly regarding networking and connectivity. However, by adopting a software-defined networking approach from the outset, organizations can overcome these hurdles and unlock the true potential of cloud technology. With streamlined processes, enhanced management, and improved cost-efficiency, healthcare providers can deliver better care and services to their patients in the era of cloud-enabled healthcare.

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