Connect to Core Banking Data at Community Financial Institutions

Unlike traditional methods Trustgrid is a software-based solution with advanced zero-trust security, high-availability networking, full automation, and visibility and control for better compliance.

Fintech providers connect to cores at regional and community banks and their partners/vendors at great expense and hassle. Especially in the US these banks have not adopted APIs to simplify data access. Existing solutions, such as IPSec VPNs, can solve the problem with excessive cost, complexity, risk, and management hassle.

Trustgrid is an edge data platform that provides a single API to securely connect and access FI cores and banking data, especially those in community and regional FIs. Most of these FIs operate their cores from local datacenters that present significant connectivity challenges.


  • Scale to hundreds or thousands of connections without management burdens
  • Modernize fintech applications with cloud-native connections to Cores
  • Enable real-time access to Core systems
  • Decrease integration time due to easier, faster deployments
  • Low touch install reduces turn-up friction
  • Reduce costs by 50% or more compared to traditional IPSec VPN solutions


  • FFIEC compliance
  • Advanced security
    • Zero-Trust Network
    • TLS Mutual Authentication
    • PKI Infrastructure for Cert Based Device Authentication
  • Automated Management
    • Full patch/update automation to firmware
  • High availability with node clustering
    • Cluster nodes for industry leading SLAs over 99.99%
  • One API for all remote access
  • Edge ETL – transform data on Edge hardware not in the cloud