Improve user experience with lower latency

Accessing edge data sources in real-time from applications running in public or private cloud introduces substantial performance challenges. Trustgrid solves these challenges with Edge Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) capabilities. Edge ETL enables users to connect directly to the edge data source through a Trustgrid node and bypass the lengthy round-trip from user to app to data. This feature can significantly reduce latency.

When a user accesses an application that depends on local, real-time data, latency is introduced. In the example below, a user makes a request from the application (blue), the application requests (red) and receives (green) the data, and the responds to the user. When the application and data are geographically diverse, this produces poor performance for users.

Trustgrid EdgeAccelerate enables local users to access local data without having to route the traffic through the application. The user requests from the application (blue), the app responds (yellow) with a geolocated DNS name for the local Trustgrid node. The user then uses that to directly access the data.

Conserve bandwidth and cloud resources by transforming data on the edge.