Trustgrid Announces Partnership with GCS Technologies

Trustgrid  is proud to announce its new partnership program and first partner, GCS Technologies in Austin, TX. “GCS brings 17 years of IT services expertise that is a perfect compliment to Trustgrid’s OpenEdge product suite,” says Mark Stavrou, CEO of Trustgrid. OpenEdge is designed to overcome the problems of connecting to, and acquiring data from, databases, devices, and systems in the network Edge. “This technology will enable many GCS clients to replace costly and complex legacy solutions with a software defined solution,” says GCS President, Joe Gleinser. “Some of our clients miss valuable opportunities because they cannot incorporate their customers’ data without significant security and cost challenges.” GCS’ partnership will help bring Trustgrid OpenEdge to Texas technology companies with SaaS applications. Highly regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services are excellent fits for this solution. OpenEdge works well for technologies hosted in the cloud or in private datacenters.