Trustgrid’s Tale of the Tape

In boxing, the tale of the tape is a term that refers to the measurements taken before a fight begins. It is used to ‘size up’ the competitors by things like their weight, reach and height. While not an exact science, these stats give viewers a sense of who may be dominant in a fight.

Going through some internal meta-data statistics this week, we decided to share a couple of the measurements we found exciting.

Trustgrid’s Tale of the Tape

We recently crossed the threshold of 1 billion ‘flows’ over Trustgrid connections. For context, a flow can be considered any session that was opened/closed or a single transaction between a remote data source and a centralized application. Crossing over 1 billion flows not only shows the breadth of usage, but also Trustgrid’s ability to handle the scale of enterprise demands.

This marks a significant milestone for us as we enable seamless transactions for millions of traffic flows a day.

The next stat is less about us and more about our customers. As a majority of our customers come from the fintech industry, we are trusted to keep connections highly available and secure. 

In the past year, Trustgrid enabled more than $1 trillion of transactions to flow over Trustgrid connections

While this shows the size of our footprint (we form the connections between applications providers and over 500 financial institutions) it also shows the degree of trust that our customers have placed in us. Data is the lifeblood of any organization, but it is especially true when dealing with data for financial transactions. 

Thank you to the Trustgrid customers who have put their trust in us. Every day we are continuously working to earn that trust and exceed expectations.