Some limits of public cloud

A recent SDxCentral article  highlights one of the challenges large public cloud deployments face – cost. The article highlights one extreme example: “For example Snap, the parent company of the social media app Snapchat, recently issued a Form S-1 that disclosed the company paid almost as much to Google for public cloud services in a year as it generated in revenue, reported Recode.” Wow. Trustgrid is born in the cloud. AWS and other public cloud vendors provide leading edge technology at a scale that would be impossible for us to replicate. It’s also nice on cash flow. But as cloud matures its limitations are becoming more apparent. Cloud is ideal for management and control functionality. Networking heavy applications, including most SDN systems, struggle to find public cloud as welcoming. High bandwidth, low latency applications are still best suited to run in the Edge, as well as many other use cases. The right answer is, as usual, it depends.