Solving the Challenges of Cloud Migration

Many of us can list a handful of examples where companies had high levels of market penetration, profitability, and a competitive moat that seemed impenetrable… only to end up failing due to lack of innovation and resistance to cloud migration. Kodak, Blockbuster, Blackberry are all examples of organizations that failed to follow modern technology trends, embrace the cloud, and remain relevant.

On the other side of the coin are companies that have continuously evolved. Organizations that understand the business opportunities provided by new technology, strategically tackle the change head-on, and incorporate modern solutions to obstacles that try to impede their progress.

In the latter category is where many organizations want to be, as they understand the need to evolve, but struggle to keep up with the tech that can help them do it. They know they need to start by modernizing their IT environments, but the path to get there becomes expensive and cumbersome.

Companies looking at cloud migration end up limited in their ability to innovate on some elements. The cloud promises ease of management, lower costs, and scalability however, applications that require connection to on-prem data present a problem. Legacy technology like VPN and MPLS act as operational band-aids that provide limited functionality and struggle to manage the dynamics of today’s application needs. They were never designed for the reality of today’s hybrid ecosystems with multiple data owners, edge computing, and centralized cloud-based management.

These are the types of challenges that Trustgrid has tackled. Providing the means to innovate. Increasing the security of network infrastructure. Easing the transition and reducing the risk to modernizing the delivery of applications and services.

The move to the cloud is a generational transformation that will create new leaders in every industry…and inversely leave a lot of declining businesses in its wake. The cloud is enabling a new breed of enterprise solutions that distribute computing and ingest data from multiple sources. While connectivity has stalled a full cloud migration in some organizations, new software-enabled solutions such as Trustgrid have emerged to provide simplified and flexible connectivity without expensive legacy hardware.

Find yourself struggling with connections to remote data?  Troubled by the costs of managing and the inherent complexity that comes with maintaining a fleet of connectivity solutions across different IT ecosystems??  Need to get new products and services to market quicker?

Even the famous examples noted above at some point knew they needed to innovate. They just didn’t know how to execute. The introduction of new technology like the cloud is like a wave. You can ride it, or it can drown you. Trustgrid is enabling those that want to surf into the next chapter of their business.

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