Trustgrid’s EdgeNetwork is an SD-WAN that eliminates the WAN

Trustgrid SD-WAN solution is designed specifically for application developers to connect to on-premise and edge applications.

Legacy SD-WAN solutions are purpose built for branch office connectivity. Application prioritization and QoS are major features, but aren’t relevant when integrating cloud applications to legacy apps and data.

Trustgrid’s SD-WAN can connect thousands of private networks to public cloud without complex NAT configurations or any on-premise reconfiguration.

Eliminate the WAN

SD-WAN is a better WAN. Trustgrid delivers a better SD-WAN and a path to eliminating the WAN altogether.

  • Purpose built for applications, not branch offices
  • Cloud-native and cloud managed
  • Upgrade to EdgeAPI or EdgeCompute

Cost Effective for Enterprise

Built to displace costly MPLS circuits SD-WAN struggles to deliver value in enterprise scale deployments. Trustgrid targets VPN connections as well as MPLS and enables deployment and management of thousands of Nodes.

  • UP to 50% lower TCO than competing SD-WAN
  • Automated security and management
  • Commoditized gateway hardware


Managing existing WAN solutions requires advanced network engineering skill sets and third party tools. Trustgrid provides cloud management tools to automate the burdens of managing WAN connections.

  • Management API
  • Automated patching/updates
  • Advanced support tools in cloud portal to quickly solve issues


Trustgrid customers connect to data within third party organizations. The technical, security, compliance, and political challenges of inter-organizational connections are substantial for legacy solutions.

  • Portal access for visibility into each customer’s Nodes and connections
  • Monitoring system alerts parent and sub organizations
  • Export netflow logs