Trustgrid for AWS Transit Gateway

Enhance AWS connectivity to on-premise, customer-owned systems

AWS Transit Gateway is a network hub that allows you to interconnect virtual private clouds (VPCs) in AWS to other on-premises and cloud networks through a single gateway VPC.

As the number of workloads running on AWS grows, networks must scale across multiple Amazon VPCs. When connecting AWS applications to systems residing on-premise, each on-premise location typically connects by VPN to each individual Amazon VPC. This becomes increasingly difficult to manage as the number of VPCs scales.

With AWS Transit Gateway, each Amazon VPC or on-premises environment only has to connect to a single, centralized transit VPC per AWS Region. Transit Gateway’s transit VPC simplifies the management of connected resources by acting as a hub that controls how the traffic is routed among all the connected networks.

Trustgrid software-defined connectivity eliminates the need for cloud-to-site VPN connections and supplements AWS Transit Gateway with additional features. When used together, Trustgrid and AWS Transit Gateway simplify new deployments and streamline the management of connections to other network’s data and systems.

Trustgrid for AWS Transit Gateway solves many unique challenges:

  • Simplifying connectivity for SaaS applications that connect to multiple on-premise customer environments
  • Providing secure developer connections to cloud resources outside of centralized IT bottlenecks
  • Enabling high bandwidth and high availability cloud to data center connectivity
  • Easily connect AWS VPCs to other cloud instances in Azure, GCP, or Oracle Cloud
  • Trustgrid is Amazon certified as AWS Well-Architected and is an Advanced AWS Technology Partner

AWS Transit Gateway Deployments

Ease New Deployments

Streamline deployments and reduce the need for technical skillsets on-site.

  • Establish new cloud to on-premise connections in minutes
  • Deploy as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) in the cloud
  • Flexible deployment of on-premise connections with either virtual or hardware appliances.
  • Firewall friendly and compatible with existing security and network infrastructure.
  • Eliminate the need for MPLS, AWS Direct Connect or Azure ExpressRoute
Eliminate AWS Transit Gateway dependency on VPNs

Eliminate VPNs

Move away from the complexity of using VPNs to connect to customer and vendor systems.

  • Evolve beyond the frustration of IPSec configurations
  • Standardize connectivity between an application and its varied customer environments
  • Establish separation between domain-wide and site specific permissions
  • Share network log data between 3rd party users and applications
Automate functions of managing AWS Transit Gateway connections

Automate Management

Scale the management of configuration, maintenance and support tasks through automation.

  • Centralize and automate network configuration and changes
  • Continuously and seamlessly deliver patches and updates to all Transit Gateway connections
  • Automatic disaster recovery, load balancing and multi-region failover without requiring Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
AWS Transit Gateway connections to private networks can create overlapping subnets

Manage Overlapping Subnets

Untangle the conflicts and challenges of managing connections between multiple organizations.

  • Eliminate overlapping RFC 1918 subnets when connecting to 3rd party hosts
  • Increase performance by easily creating Layer 4 proxy networks
  • Configure connections to new networks without advanced networking knowledge
Ensure high availability for AWS Transit Gateway connections

High Availability

Create redundant connections to AWS-hosted applications to ensure availability.

  • Dynamic routing between cloud and on-premise systems
  • Automated failover and disaster recovery
  • High throughput capable for big data applications
  • Centralized visibility into status of all network connections.

Enhanced Security

Ensure sensitive data is always protected and controlled by the data owner.

  • Push patches to all connections with a click
  • Encrypt all connections with TLS mutual authentication
  • Enable advanced security approaches such certificate-based authentication, hardware root of trust and Zero Trust

AWS Transit Gateway Diagram
AWS Transit Gateway Diagram

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Eliminate the need for VPN and MPLS connections to AWS-hosted applications.

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