Performance Testing IPSec vs Trustgrid TLS – Part 1

We recently wrapped up extensive performance testing of our TLS based tunnels when compared to IPSec and direct (no encryption) connections. For the sake of brevity we’ll post the results in a series of blog posts. There are two architectures that Trustgrid offers to connect applications to datasets at the edge. The most simple is a direct two node connection as described below: Alternately a three node connection adds a Gateway node between two Remote Nodes, as shown below: We tested the 2 and 3 node connections with a simple throughput test by querying a remote MySQL table with 300k rows for about 14.5MB of data. The results? Trustgrid 2 Node: 27.4Mbps Trustgrid 3 Node: 26.4Mbps IPSec VPN: 11.4Mbps Direct: 35.4Mbps Our performance vs IPSec is excellent and both show the burdens of encryption when compared to Direct. In the next post we’ll show the beauty of a 3 node connection in defining better, lower latency routes than both direct and IPSec. Stay tuned.