Lowering the Cost of Connectivity

This blog provides an overview of our upcoming webinar, Lowering the Cost of Connectivity: Increasing the ROI of Cloud Applications. Trustgrid’s Chief Product Officer, Joe Gleinser, will guide participants through the problems, solutions and implementation process of secure cloud to on-premise connectivity and its cost-saving implications.

lowering the cost of connectivity

The cloud is changing IT infrastructure, allowing application providers to increase efficiencies across the board through faster innovation, streamlined operations and compliance, and greater flexibility and scalability.

The cost savings gained from cloud computing is one of the biggest factors driving this shift. But as applications have become centralized, many providers must still connect to remote data sources that are not moving anytime soon.

Addressing the connectivity challenges that arise from connecting these hybrid cloud environments has become an issue of both cost and technical complexity.

To combat these connectivity challenges, existing methods of connectivity are being re-evaluated.

With the advent of data mesh architectures, cloud applications are able to integrate data from even the hardest to reach data silos.

Simply put, a data mesh stitches together data held across multiple data sources, creating a secure layer of connectivity that abstracts away the complexities of connecting, managing and supporting access to data.

Not only does a data mesh simplify connectivity, enhance security and guarantee availability, but it also reduces the overall cost of application connectivity.

During this webinar, participants will gain insight into the ways application providers can lower the total cost of connectivity by employing a data mesh.

The webinar will cover:

  • The unique challenges of public cloud connectivity;
  • Common misconceptions around dedicated circuits, like MPLS;
  • Lowering CapEx and OpEx with data mesh connectivity;
  • How simplified deployments can accelerate time to revenue; and
  • Real-world examples and results of data mesh customers.

Interested to learn how to get the most out of your cloud application?

Register for our webinar, “Lowering the Cost of Connectivity: Increasing the ROI of Cloud Applications,” scheduled for Wednesday, April 22 at 1PM CDT.

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