The healthcare industry requires special focus to ensure patient data is kept private. Secure, compliant connectivity to remote sites is difficult to achieve given the data intensive nature of the industry and the diverse ways the data must be shared between specialties, for billing, compliance, and more. The continued pressure on prices leaves IT budgets tighter in face of increasing security and compliance needs.


Large numbers of remote connections dramatically increase the attack surface that can be exploited. There are more points of entry including wifi, ethernet ports, endpoints and, of course, users. These points of entry often operate with a reduced level of oversight and administration. Traditional WAN solutions such as IPSec VPNs, on-premise appliances, and firewall rule changes do little to prevent breaches at remote sites from attacking centralized resources.

Trustgrid addresses these concerns with a Software Defined Perimeter that secure extends connectivity into remote locations while prohibiting unauthorized access to centralized systems. An automated certificated based authentication protocol limits all traffic to known devices. Our “zero trust” model of security implicitly denies all traffic on the connection that is not authenticated and authorized. Only specific services or applications are exposed subject to advanced security policies. Connections persist only while they are needed.


HIPAA compliance is a top concern in retail. Maintaining compliance while integrating to cloud technology, billing partners, and other specialties is very difficult. Diverse technology platforms among business partners complicate the issue even further.

Compliance is built into Trustgrid. Automated network management including patching and updates eliminates the number one challenge in maintaining ongoing compliance. End to end encryption of all traffic exceeds all current standards. Centralized logging of traffic, events, and authentication ensures audits are easy.

Cost Effective

The costs of secure, compliant WANs are extreme. Major vendors have hardly changed their products in twenty years but are at least, if not more, expensive than when they launched. It’s easy to spend thousands per location on hardware and services to meet connectivity needs. The cost of supporting and maintaining remote sites is often at least as much during the useful life of the equipment as the initial install.

Software Defined Perimeters, like Trustgrid, radically alter the cost structure of remote networking systems. By leveraging software defined networking standards, cloud infrastructure, and modern network automation tools Trustgrid provides an incredible value in addition to security and compliance.