Bringing Edge Data To SaaS

The cloud has reshaped the way that data and applications interact. No longer is an application sitting next to the data it consumes. Because many modern applications are now provided as a service, and don’t reside in a customer’s data center, it has become increasingly difficult for SaaS providers to connect to the data they need.

In these edge data sources, inconsistent network environments, distributed geographic locations and even varying levels of talent onsite have prevented standardization of these connections and slowed down new customer deployments. Management of these connections is then further complicated by the fact that both ends of the network are not owned by the SaaS provider.

Trustgrid has removed many of these edge data connection obstacles by removing proprietary hardware requirements, simplifying configuration of new deployments no matter where they reside, and providing all of this securely.

Trustgrid’s software-defined networking helps application providers blend the best features of VPN, SDP and SD-WAN to provide a new approach to this new problem. It starts with visibility, scalability, and availability, but it ends with SaaS applications providing a better customer experience that is ultimately more profitable.

Read our One Minute White Paper to learn more about solving the edge data challenge for SaaS applications.