Release Notes

Version 2.5.0

Alert Improvements

Trustgrid has added an “Additional Notes” field to alert filters to link to additional documentation or runbooks on how to respond to specific alerts.

Status Page Widget Update

Trustgrid has implemented a status page to display the status of TG control plane operations. This status page is now displayed on the main navigation menu. A widget will alert users to upcoming maintenance windows.

In addition, Trustgrid has also added a Statuspage widget to the portal to communicate information about incidents or maintenance windows. 

Operator Role

Permissions have been added so that users with the Operator role are able to run node terminal to access at node terminal and make changes or troubleshoot.

Combine Maintenance Windows, Cluster, Alerts, SNMP, and Tags into a System tab 

The basic system management features have been moved to a new tabular UI tool to keep the main Node page as simple as possible.

Dashboard Real-Time Chart Update

Trustgrid has updated and combined the dashboard charts to better compare data across the board for easier customer side analysis. You will also notice that the sessions graph has been removed.

Trustgrid has also updated the scale on the graphs to show the date in which real-time data is flowing instead of the time. 

Measure Latency Between Nodes on the Map

Now users can select a specific node on the map and see the round trip time (RTT) in milliseconds (ms) for that connection.

Tag Improvements 

Trustgrid has improved the portal so that users can now filter clusters in the node table using tags, making it easier to view a group of clusters and compare data. Tags are also editable when a user double clicks. The portal also offers a suggested tag name to keep values constant and easy to find.