SD-WAN Reimagined for Cloud Applications

Seamless deployment and management of connections in hybrid cloud environments

Providing applications from the cloud provides scalability, availability and flexibility advantages. However, when those applications rely on connectivity to data or systems residing in a customer’s on-premise environments, challenges arise.

VPN, MPLS and even more recent solutions like SD-WAN have attempted to solve these challenges, but are overly complex and provide a variety of features that these centralized applications do not need.

Trustgrid created a solution similar to SD-WAN, but specifically designed with the features needed by application providers. This delivers a cloud-like experience to the connectivity of hybrid environments with simple deployment, enhanced management capabilities, and advanced security features.

Trustgrid gives you the ability to:

  • Lower total cost of connectivity by 50% 
  • Provide enterprise-level SLAs of 99.99% uptime
  • Connect dataflows between datacenters and public/private cloud
  • Automate updates, failovers and manual security practices
  • Use existing organizational skillsets to enable the transition to the cloud

SD-WAN to Connect Cloud Applications to On-Prem Systems

Connect Anything

Connect cloud applications to any on-premise system.

  • Easily configure, deploy, and support cloud to on-premise connections
  • Allow cloud applications to access data behind a firewall without complex configurations
  • Embed directly into your application and provide customers with native connectivity
Greatly reduces the complexity of typical SD-WAN deployments.

Accelerate Deployments

Speed up the time and minimize the effort it takes to setup new connections.

  • Eliminate the time and expense of MPLS, AWS Direct Connect or Azure ExpressRoute by using standard broadband connections
  • Smart configurations eliminate need for network engineers onsite at new locations
  • Gain control over heterogeneous environments by easily untangling overlapping subnets (RFC 1918)
SD-WAN-like connectivity managed similar to cloud

Simplify Management

Eliminate complex configurations and centralize maintenance and support.

  • Manage dozens to thousands of connections from a single pane of glass
  • Automate patching and updating tasks
  • Remotely terminal into all network connections
  • Allow customers to have visibility into the connection between their data and your application
Get rid of expensive and complex VPN, MPLS and even SD-WAN solutions

Lower Total Cost of Connectivity

Manage enterprise-scale connections without complex VPN or MPLS solutions.

  • Automate security and management features
  • Eliminate expensive proprietary hardware with a software-defined solution
  • Remotely support all connections
  • Lower security and compliance costs by automating and batching tasks
  • Redeploy skilled technicians to higher value tasks
Ideal for applications requiring large data transfers.

High Availability

Highly available connectivity to meet enterprise-level SLAs when connecting cloud to on-premises systems.

  • Dynamic routing between cloud and on-premise systems
  • Automated failover and disaster recovery
  • High throughput capable for big data applications
  • Centralized status monitoring and alerting for all network connections.

Get advanced security features that typical VPN and SD-WAN connectivity cannot provide.

Enhanced Security

Ensure sensitive data is always protected and controlled by the data owner.

  • Push patches to all connections with a click
  • SOC 2 Type 2 compliant networking
  • Encrypted with TLS mutual authentication
  • Enable advanced security approaches such certificate based authentication, hardware root of trust and Zero Trust

Explore the Trustgrid Hybrid Cloud Connectivity Platform.

Replace expensive and complex VPN, MPLS, and SD-WAN connections with next generation connectivity.

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Trustgrid’s software-defined connectivity is designed for SaaS application providers connecting hybrid cloud environments.

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