Edge Data Access

Your applications have to securely connect to, and consume, data that has to remain at the edge of your network. Often this data is of high value and security, is across a wide geographic area, and may be owned or controlled by others – including clients and partners.

In the past, the best option was to connect with IPSec VPNs and on-premise hardware, but as your business, and the number of these connections, scale, this becomes expensive, difficult, and complex to buy, ship, install, configure, and manage. It takes too long to bring up new secure connections, and it’s tough to maintain a consistent and visible compliance and security posture all the way to the edge.

The traditional way of connecting to the edge often impedes the modernization of your application architecture and keeps you from realizing the efficiencies and cost benefits of your migration to the cloud. All of this can drive costs and risks up, get in the way of new revenue growth, and put you at a competitive disadvantage

Securely, Quickly, and Efficiently Access Edge Data Sources with Trustgrid’s Software Defined Network Solutions

Trustgrid designs and builds solutions that reduce or eliminate the delays, costs, and complexity of connecting to edge data and systems. Combining expert consulting and engineering with Trustgrid’s EdgeSDN technology, you can build solutions enabling fast and secure connectivity to Edge data and workloads.

A Trustgrid “node” can be rapidly deployed in the cloud, as a virtual appliance, or on almost any hardware gateway. Each node communicates with a control plane which provides authentication, authorization, and fully automated configuration management. Nodes run specialized “plug-ins”, including the ability to act as gateways. Nodes running gateway plug-ins create a separate data plane, key to a “Zero Trust” security implementation. Nodes can be deployed and configured in minutes, offering the ability to securely connect to remote data sources immediately instead of waiting weeks or months.

Cloud native management and automated provisioning make it quick and easy to provision, de-provision, and manage secure connections at scale. High availability features allow node clustering and automated failover, with the ability to route traffic from nodes to gateways (north-south) or from node to node (east-west).

Custom plug-in development, high availability cloud, application, and network architecture and engineering services, and turn-key configuration and deployment provides the ability to implement solutions without impacting existing operations.