Allow multiple siloed data locations to act as a singular data source

Secure, on-premise data has become increasingly important for applications such as analytics, data cataloging and master data management (MDM).

Typically, these applications require a central repository, such as a data warehouse or data lake, to organize data and run algorithms. However, the data powering these applications often lives in a variety of disparate and siloed locations with restrictions on where they must reside.

As more applications move to the cloud, this introduces challenges for application providers who require access to these data sets.

Rather than centralizing all of this data, Trustgrid’s Data Mesh Platform enables these data sets to be virtually integrated by creating persistent, real-time connections allowing them to act as a single data source.

This gives application developers and DevOps teams the ability to quit thinking about how to get access to data and instead focus on delivering value.

With Trustgrid You Can

  • Allow data and workloads to reside where it makes the most sense
  • Exceed the security and compliance needs of data that must remain on-premise
  • Integrate new data sources behind firewalls in days without onsite network expertise
  • Reduce cloud application costs by moving compute and storage on-premise
  • Leverage managed services to build and maintain all your data connections