Centralize the management of remote applications and devices

As IT organizations look to become more efficient by centralizing operations in public and private clouds, a common challenge is the lack of ability to rip and replace legacy on-premise hardware and software installs.

The traditional approach, using VPN and MPLS to manage these hybrid cloud environments, is difficult to scale but also lacks the management functionality needed to maintain and support these remote systems.

Instead of simply extending the transport layer, Trustgrid provides a platform to connect, build and control any on-premise application or device, no matter where it resides.

With Trustgrid You Can

  • Facilitate cloud migrations that require integration with legacy technology
  • Manage and control on-premise systems and devices from the cloud
  • Allow data and workloads to reside where it makes the most sense
  • Create secure distributed applications without complex firewall changes
  • Reduce cloud costs by performing ETL and other workloads on-premise