Centralize the Management of On-Premise Applications and Devices

Migrate services to the cloud while maintaining on-premise systems

One of the more common challenges in a cloud migration is that many application providers don’t have the luxury of shifting everything to the cloud. Legacy systems and lack of cloud-trained support staff mean that the transition to the cloud will require a phased approach that includes both cloud and on-premise systems. These hybrid cloud environments have become the new normal.

The traditional approach, using VPN/MPLS to manage these hybrid cloud environments, is difficult to scale but also lacks the management functionality needed to centralize deployment, maintenance and support of on-premise systems.

Instead of simply extending the transport layer, Trustgrid enables the migration of on-premise systems to the cloud with virtual appliances, containerized deployments and automated management features that reimagine connectivity through software.

Trustgrid gives you the ability to:

  • Facilitate cloud migration by integrating legacy technology with cloud resources
  • Centrally deploy and manage distributed application architectures
  • Manage and control on-premise systems and devices from the cloud
  • Allow data and workloads to reside where they make the most sense

Migrate to the Cloud

Simplify the integration of legacy systems to public and private clouds.

  • Enable distributed application architectures
  • Build secure APIs to easily integrate data between two data sources
  • Auto routing of data requests to nearest source
  • Improve performance and security of customer and other 3rd party data connections

Gain Deployment Flexibility

Easily integrate cloud workloads to other cloud and on-premise systems.

  • Deploy applications in any environment
  • Deploy container-based microservices or serverless functions in on-premise environments
  • Move away from complex network configurations to API driven connectivity management
  • Centralize deployment of applications onto remote devices

Improve Application Performance

Enable low-latency connectivity between any application, data source or device.

  • Create applications that integrate on-premise and cloud data
  • Distribute ETL scripts and functions to execute adjacent to the data
  • Reduce latency by as much as 50%
  • Leverage local data with centralized applications
  • Expose Platform-as-a-Service features between clouds and on-premise environments


Create management efficiencies for large scale deployments of distributed connections, APIs and applications.

  • Centralize provisioning and deprovisioning of connections
  • Real-time monitoring of all stakeholders, characteristics and provisioned resources
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and share management responsibilities with multiple internal and external stakeholders
  • Intuitive UX enables advanced support by centralized tier 1 support staff
Allow data to remain on-premise in your cloud migration.

Localize Data for Regulatory Compliance

Achieve infrastructure efficiency and compliance by building centralized cloud applications that integrate remotely stored data.

  • Adhere to data privacy regulations like GDPR that mandate geo specific data stores
  • Expose localized data to centralized/cloud applications
  • Comply with the growing and unique requirements for localization
  • Easily manage distributed data and ETL functions
Create a virtual data warehouse without lifting and shifting data to the cloud.

Create Distributed Data Warehouses

Gain benefits of data warehousing without the complexity and cost of centralization.

  • Perform machine learning operations without centralized data requirements
  • Integrate diverse data sets
  • Leverage customer data without having to store it
  • Easily manage remote data and execute remote ETL functions

Explore the Trustgrid Hybrid Cloud Connectivity Platform.

Easily deploy and manage advanced connections to cloud and on-premise environments.

Integrate Architectures Across the Hybrid Cloud

Controlling systems and data in remote locations can empower new levels of application delivery.

Discover more in our One Minute White Paper.

Overcome the Challenges of Cloud Migration

Migrating to the cloud can present several challenges to an application provider.

Learn more about the way Trustgrid is providing solutions to hybrid cloud connectivity requirements.