eCU Technology enables credit unions to compete and grow with Trustgrid secure connectivity.

eCU Technology is a credit union service organization owned by First Service Credit Union in Houston, Texas. Instead of trying to compete with much larger institutions on footprint size, they decided to create an incredible digital experience. After streamlining their membership and loan signup processes, eCU began offering these services as a product to other credit unions

The Challenge

To streamline and expedite the membership and loan signup processes eCU must securely connect to other credit unions’ core banking databases. To fulfill eCU’s commitment of a “modern, simple, and customized” account opening and loan application solution, eCU needed a modern connectivity solution instead of a complex and hardware based solution like MPLS and IPSec VPN.

The Solution

eCU promises their credit union customers that all data connections between parties will maintain the highest levels of security. eCU chose Trustgrid to ensure that promise is kept. Trustgrid’s advanced security includes a Zero-Trust model, certificate-based authentication, hardware root of trust, and TLS encryption to protect sensitive data. The expense and complexity of legacy connectivity solutions force many financial institutions to sacrifice reliability for low cost and simplicity. With Trustgrid it is simple to cluster devices across internet connections, data centers, and branches for extreme reliability. The financial services industry is one of the strictest when it comes to regulatory compliance. As part of its service, eCU had to adhere to these rules and was able to leverage the fact that compliance with FFIEC third party connection guidance is built into Trustgrid. Trustgrid delivers advanced encryption, automated patch management, centralized logging, and two factor authentication.

Why eCU Technology Chose Trustgrid

  • Safe, Secure, and Accurate
  • Highly Reliable and Always Available
  • Automated Compliance with FFIEC
  • Fast and Smooth Installation
  • Integrated Monitoring Tools

eCU’s customers want to start fast. With traditional solutions that means weeks of delays associated with connectivity. Trustgrid’s connections can be online in as little as 24 hours. Trustgrid installs easily with minimal IT skills required – and its ongoing administration and management is automated. eCU leverages Trustgrid’s automated deployment capabilities to reduce the time to connect to the financial institution’s core banking systems. Trustgrid helps eCU gather essential network information, configure the hardware appliances, and then ships them directly to the credit union for installation. The whole process usually occurs within three business days. Dealing with so many customer connections, eCU had to ensure that their connectivity was easy to monitor and troubleshoot remotely. Trustgrid is able to dramatically reduce time to triage with real-time network performance and node health. Integrated monitoring tools alert on network performance, node hardware consumption, flapping (recurring connect/disconnect), and much more.

“The ability to visualize and easily manage the network really sets the Trustgrid solution apart.”
– Jeff Simpler, President, eCU Technology


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“Trustgrid has proven to help us onboard new customers faster and the advanced security ensures my customers’ data is safe and secure.”
– Jeff Simpler, President, eCU Technology

Trustgrid Network

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Trustgrid helped eCU solve their challenge of connecting to core banking systems deployed in both public and private cloud environments. Security, compliance, ease of management, and cost savings made Trustgrid the only viable option for their new offering. Trustgrid delivers a modern software defined network solution designed for digital banking and similar organizations connecting to edge data sets.