Secure access for remote users

Trustgrid Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) combines advanced networking with cloud-native management tools to provide remote users Zero Trust access to applications. 

Blending the best of networking, security and automation features, with the ability to leverage many 3rd party security security tools, Trustgrid SDP secures remote access across a wide array of popular platforms with the ability to leverage existing security investments.

Utilizing existing IDP and IAM solutions, existing roles and permissions are leveraged to dictate least privileged access for users. Risk is minimized as users access the network through strong authentication and are only exposed to authorized applications. Within the platform all access and changes are logged with the ability to stream logs to 3rd party tools. 

Trustgrid’s Software-Defined Perimeter makes work-from-home access easy to deploy, manage and secure.

With Software-Defined Perimeter You Can

  • Build Zero Trust connectivity to any application or system
  • Gain visibility over remote user and application activity
  • Leverage existing investments into IDP and IAM solutions
  • Provide remote access to new users in minutes
  • Centralize traffic to a single secure web gateway or split off white-listed traffic
  • Create a secure and compliant remote workforce
  •  Create highly available connections between users and internal IT resources


  • Extend secure remote access to any cloud or on-premise resource
  • Single pane of glass management and support of connections
  • Multi-tenant or single-tenant data planes
  • Centralized policy creation with edge policy enforcement
  • Integrate with cloud security such as SWG, CASB, CSPM and CWPP
  • Limit exposure of applications to approved users only
  • Create secure access without complex firewall changes
  • Maintain auditable logs of all access and changes
  • API-first network management
  • Automate patching and updating of endpoints
  • Streamlined deployments provide access to new users in minutes
  • Proactively identify abnormal network activity

Secure access between users and all applications

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