Create and manage APIs across cloud and on-premise data sets

EdgeAPI extends the capabilities provided by EdgeCompute to enable cloud applications to integrate with on-premise data sets at enterprise scale.

Quickly create, deploy, and secure APIs to optimize the efficiency of application data transfer.

With EdgeAPI You Can

  • Manage one REST API to access data across hybrid cloud and edge environments
  • Map REST API operations / parameters to remote serverless functions
  • Publish and deploy remote ETL functions at thousands of edge locations
  • Create distributed microservices architectures leveraging remote data sources
  • Securely route API requests to thousands of remote edge locations


Eliminate the WAN

Connect to edge data sets without worrying about a WAN

  • Connect to thousands of data sets via REST APIs
  • Deploy a cloud native approach for modern application challenges
  • Simplified configuration and management
Security and Compliance

Meet data security and compliance requirements

  • Allow data sources to remain in place
  • Securely expose edge data sets to centralized applications
  • Simplify adherence to data localization regulations

Run distributed architectures as if they were local

  • Expose data close to the application end user
  • Deploy ETL functions in the same geography as data sources
  • Streamline API operations by mapping to remote ETL functions

The Platform for Edge Computing Applications

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