Trustgrid IoT OpenEdge

Integrate advanced security, device management, and connectivity into your IoT or Edge gateway. Trustgrid offers PKI authentication, TLS mutual authentication, and customized device provisioning that are easily consumed via Rest APIs.


  • PKI Authentication. Trustgrid is the Root of Trust for our cloud implemented PKI which provides industry leading authentication for IoT and Edge gateways.
  • TLS Mutual Certificate Authentication. Advanced encryption for control plane and data plane.
  • “Zero Trust” Security By segmenting the network to permit only specific services or workloads, OpenEdge delivers a new networking model to the edge.
  • Logical Domain Based Authorization. Implement security policies at a domain or sub-domain level.
  • Cloaking. Trustgrid OpenEdge networks are invisible to outside attackers.

Gateway Provisioning

  • Auto Provision. All configuration is performed in the cloud and updated automatically for new or changed gateways.
  • Advanced Security. Integrate to manufacturer provided security features such as SUDI, TPM, or HSM.
  • Cloud Management. Patch, update, or support gateways without additional tools.


  • Private Routing. Route traffic to the cloud for advanced services and easy deployment, or route directly between OpenEdge nodes to meet compliance or privacy needs.
  • Automated Management APIs. Manage gateways, network, and security via Rest APIs.
  • Edge Computing. Deploy micro-services to the edge for high bandwidth or low latency applications with version control and advanced management.
  • Cloud Agnostic. Avoid lock-in to any specific cloud vendor while leveraging industry standard technologies.

Device Management

  • Profile/Configuration Management. Seamlessly deploy configuration changes via custom profiles to hundreds or thousands of gateways without downtime.
  • Patching/Updates. Update apps deployed on the gateway using Trustgrid CI/CD technology for a zero downtime deployment.
  • Remote Diagnosis and Support. Easily access logs and provide remote support to gateways.
  • Monitoring. Visualize gateway and network performance and receive alerts when performance is out of tolerance.