Simplify connectivity to legacy and cloud applications and data

Trustgrid’s EdgeNetwork is an SDWAN solution designed to meet the unique challenges of cloud-to-edge and cloud-to-cloud networking. Trustgrid deploys in most public and private cloud environments easy and supports a variety of gateway hardware appliances for easy installation. The technology is flexible enough to work for a single connection, but the automated management tools easy scale to thousands of nodes.


EdgeNetwork is a layer 3/layer 4 networking solution managed via a cloud portal. A layer 3 virtual network overlay easily integrates to cloud and on-premise networks. Layer 4 connections operate as proxies to quickly install into any environment.Trustgrid supports enterprise SLAs in public and private clouds, and the edge. Trustgrid Nodes support high availability through several clustering options.  Nodes also support automated failover in many modern public cloud environments.


Trustgrid leverages the latest advanced security features to ensure a secure and compliant network. All nodes use certificate based authentication and TLS mutual encryption. The data plane connects directly from Node to Node, not though a multi-tenant cloud environment and can be encrypted use third party certificates. Patches are automatically applied on all Nodes.


Cloud networking presents a variety of challenges unique to each public cloud provider. Trustgrid is a cloud-native application engineered to deliver enhanced features, such as automated failover, in the major public cloud providers.