Simplify connectivity between cloud applications and data

EdgeNetwork is a next generation SD-WAN designed to meet the unique challenges of cloud-to-edge and cloud-to-cloud networking. Trustgrid easily deploys in most public and private cloud environments and can be deployed on commercial-off-the-shelf hardware or via virtual appliance for simple on-premise installation. 

Trustgrid gives you the ability to: 

  • Replace legacy VPN and MPLS connections
  • Facilitate cloud migration and modernization efforts
  • Co-manage connectivity between multiple stakeholders and organizations
  • Enhance network security posture
  • Automate maintenance and support tasks


Layer 3 / Layer 4 networking managed via a cloud portal

  • High availability
  • Provide enterprise SLAs in public or private clouds, and the edge
  • Automated failover in public cloud environments


Leverage advanced security features to ensure a secure and compliant network

  • Certificate based authentication
  • TLS mutual encryption
  • Node to node direct connectivity
  • Automated patching to all connections


Created in the cloud and for the cloud

  • Deploy new connectivity without data center or edge reconfiguration
  • Support for AWS, Azure, GCP and Oracle Cloud
  • Cloud-like SLAs of 99.99% cloud to edge uptime
  • SOC 2 Type 2 compliant networking

Automate the management and support of thousands of connections.

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EdgeNetwork is redefining the way cloud applications and on-premise systems connect.

Ease network deployment, management, and support with software-defined connectivity.