Create, deploy and manage APIs to integrate across clouds and to on-premise data sets at enterprise scale.

Trustgrid EdgeAPI enables cloud applications to integrate with on-premise and other cloud data sets. Quickly create an API by uploading a Swagger/OpenAPI doc. Map API operations to remote ETL functions and scripts at edge nodes. Deploy and manage APIs across hundreds or thousands of Trustgrid Edge Nodes easily.

Eliminate the WAN

WANs are typically used to connect applications to distributed data sets with centralized ETL functions. For many applications this creates unnecessary complexity by relying on a legacy WAN infrastructure. The WAN infrastructure is incompatible with a cloud-first approach.

Security and Compliance

Data localization laws requires that data remain in specific geographic regions. Internal security controls often restrict migration of sensitive data to public environments. EdgeAPI exposes these data sets to centralized applications while meeting the security and compliance requirements. EdgeAPI can be enable a user to access a centralized application while engaging directly with the local Edge Node in their region or facility.


Applications that integrate on-premise data struggle to overcome the additional latency introduced by the on-premise connections. EdgeAPI enables local users to access local data minimizing latency and improving performance. EdgeAPI is deployed with ETL functions in the same geography as the data sources. After the user connects to the cloud application a local EdgeAPI Node is geolocated to provide data.