Create, deploy, and manage APIs to integrate across clouds and on-premise data sets.

EdgeAPI enables cloud applications to integrate with hybrid and on-premise data sets at enterprise scale. Quickly create, deploy, and secure APIs to optimize the efficiency of application data transfer.

Trustgrid gives you the ability to: 

  • Push remote ETL scripts and functions
  • Map API operations/parameters to remote node functions
  • Securely route API requests to remote ETL function for execution
  • Allow data to be available everywhere across the hybrid cloud

Eliminate the WAN

Connect to edge data sets without a WAN.

  • Connect to 1000s of data sets through APIs
  • Deploy a cloud-native approach for modern application challenges
  • Simplified configuration and management

Security and Compliance

Meet data security and compliance requirements.

  • Allow data sources to remain in place
  • Securely expose data sets to centralized applications
  • Adhere to data localization regulations


Reduce latency when connecting to on-premise data 

  • Expose data close to the application end user
  • Deploy ETL functions in the same geography as the data sources
  • Streamline API operations by mapping to remote ETL functions 

Deploy and manage APIs across hundreds or thousands of Trustgrid Edge Nodes easily.

White Paper

Securing Connectivity and Data Between Organizations